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About Us

At TeachPoint we are passionate about perfecting the science of teacher, principal, and staff evaluations. We provide our customers with an intuitive easy-to-use platform that is customizable and secure. Applying the forces of mobility and cloud computing, we are addressing the challenges inherent in K12 education. By offering schools and districts forms and process flexibility with mobility, complemented by a groundbreaking affordable solution, TeachPoint is redefining school and district evaluation software. We believe every student deserves a great teacher!

TeachPoint began in 2011 in partnership with the Wachusett Regional School District with a goal of providing the flexibility for schools to customize their own evaluation process. We strive to make the process and implementation as easy and flexible as possible with continuous feedback from our users. We want to put the power into the hands of schools and districts to build and develop the solutions that work for them.

Meet the Team

Chris Dunn

Founder & CEO

Chris has over 25 years of experience in software development, with 12 years in mobile and web application design. Chris has a long background in research and development organizations, including Woods Hole Oceanographic (WHOI) and Verizon (formerly GTE) Labs. His passion is to use technology to design and provide new solutions where critical needs exist.

Bill Lisowski

Director of Sales & Marketing

Bill leads the sales and marketing team. As a former high school teacher in Wisconsin and Illinois, he brings a real passion for education, innovation, and technology that leads to student, teacher, and school success. Bill thrives on building relationships and collaborating with administrators, principals, and educators to build and implement customized solutions to increase teacher success, student outcomes, and improve school and district performance.

Gizem Gaudet

Director of Operations, Support & Training

Gizem is responsible for the delivery of client support and training to TeachPoint users. Gizem holds a Master of Science degree in IT and brings over 7 years of experience in defining and implementing new processes as well as enhancements to the existing processes that led to customer satisfaction and retention. She has a passion for providing and improving the overall customer on-boarding, training, and user experience.
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