Product Updates and Evaluation and Professional Development Insights

Utilize a PLC to Train Teachers on Using TeachPoint

October 13, 2015

Guest post by Dawn-Marie Ayles. A few years ago, our district began working with TeachPoint as a way to implement our new educator evaluation system through the use of technology. Overwhelmed at first with these two new initiatives, panic set in! The chorus began, “One more new thing to learn?” “What do I have to upload?” “What qualifies as an artifact?” As with anything new, there were those who were confident and those who were confused. How was this obstacle going to be overcome?

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Managing Online Teacher Evaluation Compliance

September 16, 2015

Most states have passed legislation that relates to increasing teacher effectiveness and equitable distribution, ensuring the quality of standards and assessments, improving the collection and use of data, and supporting struggling schools. As a result, district leaders need to ensure they are complying with federal and/or state mandates or guidelines.

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Press Release: TeachPoint Launches Professional Development Tracking Tool

July 14, 2015

TeachPoint, provider of the industry’s most intuitive online educator management system, which includes its revolutionary educator and staff evaluation tool, today announced the launch of its Professional Development (PD) Tracking Tool. Designed to track, manage and streamline the entire professional development process for schools, the TeachPoint PD Tracking Tool empowers administrators, educators, and staff to manage professional development events and activities.

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Charter School Teacher Evaluation Survey

July 9, 2015

What are charter schools doing in the area of teacher evaluations? How are charter schools responding to the increased focus on teacher effectiveness? We were curious and conducted a survey on charter school teacher evaluation activity at the National Charter School Conference (NCSC) attended by over 4,500 on June 21-24 in New Orleans, LA.

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Success Story: Enabling Cambridge Public Schools to Succeed with Online Evaluations

June 16, 2015

Cambridge Public Schools (CPS) is a diverse urban school district committed to academic excellence and social justice for all students. With teacher effectiveness being the top priority in ensuring that over 6,500 students are receiving the best in education, the district decided to migrate from a paper-based teacher evaluation system to an online teacher evaluation platform.

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Customizing Your Teacher Evaluation Software

June 4, 2015

Every school and district has unique forms, a specific workflow process for completing forms, and other unique needs for their teacher evaluation tool. For most districts, there are state and/or union-negotiated requirements that an online tool must meet. Here are two Top Lists of frequently asked questions we’ve compiled that you will want to review before selecting your online educator evaluation platform.

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New Features Announced at Annual Users Conference

May 22, 2015

Over 100 TeachPoint users attended our 3rd Annual Users Conference in Cambridge (MA) on May 14 to learn about our new and upcoming features and to participate in interactive workshops to learn and take advantage of advanced TeachPoint features. Attendees […]

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

May 5, 2015

Happy National Teacher Day! TeachPoint thanks all the teachers that make an impact on the lives of their students every day. Teachers work so hard each day with passion and love in shaping our students’ futures. The TeachPoint staff took time today to thank the teachers that impacted their lives.

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5 Criteria to Use When Moving to an Online Evaluation System

April 28, 2015

What criteria should I use when reviewing various products as we move from a paper to an online teacher/principal evaluation system? What advice would colleagues who have already implemented an online system share with me? These are great questions that administrators have […]

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Introducing Our Blog: Reflections & Insights

April 21, 2015

This is the beginning of our blog that will share reflections and insights about teacher, principal, and staff evaluations. At TeachPoint we believe in putting the power of the evaluation process in the hands of schools and districts to build […]

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