Boston Public Schools Selects TeachPoint Web-Based Performance Management System to Streamline Teacher and Staff Evaluation

TeachPoint to Provide Primary System for Evaluation Tracking and Management to Support Continuous Growth and Development for BPS Educators, Administrators, and Non-Instructional Staff

Boston Public Schools LogoBoston, Mass. (June 4, 2019) – TeachPoint, a Vector Solutions brand and leading provider of award-winning online educator and staff evaluation and professional development tracking solutions for the K-12 market, today announced that Boston Public Schools recently chose TeachPoint to support the district’s shift from a compliance-driven evaluation system to a process of collaboration, development, and continuous improvement. TeachPoint will replace Boston Public Schools’ current performance management system and will be used by approximately 6,000 licensed educators and administrators to support all aspects of the Massachusetts framework for teacher evaluation. The district will also use TeachPoint to manage the evaluation process for approximately 6,100 non-instructional staff.

Boston Public Schools is committed to transforming the lives of its 54,000 students through exemplary teaching in a world-class system of innovative and welcoming schools. To deliver on this promise, Boston Public Schools is committed to providing all employees with ongoing, timely, and actionable feedback and support for their continuous improvement in order to help all students be successful.

“We believe the tools we use to foster continuous improvement should enhance coaching and feedback, rather than reduce it to an exercise in compliance-driven documentation,” said Jerome Doherty, Director of Evaluation and Performance Management for Boston Public Schools. “Supervisors should connect employees with ease to resources and supports using these tools. Employees, likewise, should be full participants in their own growth and development, and have access to deeper professional learning opportunities through the use of such tools. We selected TeachPoint as our performance management platform because it will streamline our evaluation process across the organization and support, rather than hinder, the processes of planning, goal-setting, supervision, feedback, communication, adjustment, evaluation, and data-based decision-making.”

“TeachPoint was developed in partnership with New England schools, and we are proud to now partner with Boston Public Schools to support their phased implementation of a customized performance management system over the next three years,” said Chris Dunn, Vector Solutions Vice President of Product Management. “School leaders are increasingly seeking systems to support robust data collection and analysis that connect to existing systems, while also providing tools that are easy for administrators, teachers, and staff to use to support professional growth. We have been impressed with the team at BPS and are looking forward to working with them to support this vision.”

The award-winning TeachPoint Educator Evaluation Solution is helping over 3,000 schools and districts across the country easily manage professional growth and performance by: managing all observations, evaluation documents, and evidence online; customizing forms, workflows, and rubrics to meet state and district-specific needs; tracking progress and managing compliance with evaluator dashboards; and driving professional development decisions and coaching conversations with actionable reports.

For more information on the TeachPoint Educator and Staff Evaluation Solution, please call 1-866-202-9455 or email

About Vector Solutions & TeachPoint

TeachPoint, a Vector Solutions brand, is a leading provider of award-winning online educator and staff evaluation and professional development tracking solutions for the K-12 market.  Its customizable solutions help districts across the United States manage professional growth and performance and improve educator effectiveness.  Vector Solutions is a leader in eLearning and performance support, providing award-winning SaaS solutions. Its extensive online and mobile learning library exceeds more than 9,000 courses written by over 280 subject matter experts and reaches over 10 million professionals worldwide. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @GoTeachPoint and on Facebook at:

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