Teacher Evaluation Solution

Implementing Your Teacher and Principal Evaluation System

TeachPoint can support your approved district forms that comprise the various components of your evaluation system from self-assessment to formal or informal classroom observations to summative evaluation. We support the California Standards for the Teaching Profession rubric as well as other teacher and principal rubrics.

Our Educator Evaluation Solution provides district leaders and principals with a rich set of customized reports that deliver data and insights to manage professional development growth and performance across the district.

The integrated Professional Development Tracking Solution bridges professional development with the evaluation process.

  • Save Time

    • Access from any place, with any device, at any time.
    • Provide timely feedback to foster collaboration.
    • Tag comments in classroom observations and other forms to your rubric.
    • Easily view uploaded evidence and artifacts tagged to your rubric.
    • Supports uploading evidence as a Google drive file or link.
    • Search tagged comments, and cut/paste/edit when doing formative or summative evaluations.

Track the duration and number of classroom observations for each teacher and staff member.
Online teacher evaluation software for classroom observations and walkthroughs.
  • Customize To Your Needs

    • Allows for complete customization of all forms approved by your district team.
    • Generate customized reports to access data-driven metrics to identify needs and take action.
    • Accommodates multiple signatures on forms to meet your district workflow.
    • Need help building forms? We’ll build them for you. For Free.

  • Manage Your Evaluation Process

    • Easily manage all formal or informal walk-through observations.
    • Evaluator & Administrator Dashboard to track and manage progress, completion, and compliance.
    • Send quick reminders and messages to anyone within TeachPoint.
    • Teacher Dashboard to see what forms are required and when they are due.

Educator Evaluation Dashboard

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