Customizing Your Teacher Evaluation Software

Every school and district has unique forms, a specific workflow process for completing forms, and other unique needs for their teacher evaluation tool. For most districts, there are state and/or union-negotiated requirements that an online tool must meet. Here are two Top Lists of frequently asked questions we’ve compiled that you will want to review before selecting your online educator evaluation platform.

Top 10 Questions About Form Customization

  1. Can the forms we currently use be built into your platform?
  2. Can you accommodate our evaluator(s)/evaluee workflow process for completing a form?
  3. What types of privacy settings can be set on a form?
  4. Can a teacher reflection be included on forms to foster collaboration?
  5. Can information be pre-populated on a form by pulling data or information entered on prior forms?
  6. Can we build a Summative Form that auto-calculates the overall rating based on different components, each with a different weight percentage?
  7. What types of questions can be included on our forms?
  8. Can certain questions be required and some optional?
  9. Will observation forms include a time-elapsed feature to record total observation time?
  10. Are we able to edit the forms once they have been built?

Top 5 Questions About Platform Customization

  1. Can we have multiple versions of forms such as observation or walk-through forms?
  2. Will we be able to generate customized reports for the data-driven metrics we want to identify?
  3. Are users able to customize dashboards views?
  4. Can we include multiple rubrics (teacher, administrator, special ed, guidance counselor, etc.)?
  5. What type of privacy and permission settings can be set?

If you have additional questions that should be added to this list, feel free to add as a comment to this blog.

TeachPoint’s online/mobile evaluation tool allows for complete customization of forms and workflow process to meet your needs. To learn more about how TeachPoint provides customization answers to all the questions above, please reach out to us at

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