Press Release: David Douglas School District Relies on TeachPoint to Ensure the Best in Teacher Performance

Customizable Platform is Easy-to-use, Flexible and Advances Collaboration between Teachers, Evaluators and School Leaders

TeachPoint, offering the industry’s most intuitive educator evaluation platform, today announced David Douglas School District has selected the TeachPoint platform for their online Educator Effectiveness tool, to foster an evaluation environment that is user-friendly, collaborative and results in higher teacher efficacy levels. With over 10,700 students and 931 teachers, David Douglas School District is committed to excellence in education and TeachPoint is playing a role in making that happen.

In use by more than 66,000 educators in more than 250 districts, as well as private and charter schools of all sizes, TeachPoint is customized to meet the needs of each K12 customer. TeachPoint customers, such as David Douglas School District, are able to benefit from a platform that enables users to perform impactful classroom observations, while fostering collaboration between teacher and evaluators in a way that identifies important professional development opportunities. TeachPoint is accessible from any device at any time, and includes key features such as data-driven metrics to measure educator effectiveness and the ability to upload evidence.

David Douglas School District will begin using TeachPoint in Fall 2016 for their licensed educators’ (Pre-K through 12) and administrators’ evaluation processes. The TeachPoint platform will enable teachers and evaluators to perform all aspects of their evaluation process from self-assessment to goal setting to mini observations and year-end summative evaluation.

“As districts like David Douglas School District seek to improve the teacher evaluation process, while creating a better learning environment, they are turning to TeachPoint,” said Chris Dunn, Founder and CEO of TeachPoint. “At TeachPoint, we get school systems up and running quickly and provide the training needed to ensure a positive user experience. We are proud David Douglas has chosen TeachPoint, as they seek to take their evaluation process to the next level.”

About TeachPoint

Committed to advancing education and improving student outcomes, TeachPoint provides more than 2,100 schools and 250 districts across the U.S. with an online and mobile platform for performing classroom observations, managing Professional Development (PD) activities and events, and establishing an evaluation system that fosters impactful educator and staff collaboration. The company’s evaluation and professional development tracking tools are form and process agnostic, allowing for complete customization of forms and workflows for the school. TeachPoint also provides districts and schools with data-driven metrics to analyze trends, measure effectiveness, and identify professional development opportunities. TeachPoint is based in Boston, MA. For more information, explore the website or follow TeachPoint on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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