Educator Evaluation and PD Tracking Tool New Features

TeachPoint continues to empower educators with great tools for professional growth and teaching effectiveness. We continue to put the power in the hands of schools and districts to build and develop solutions that work for them.

We are proud to announce the following enhanced features to our online educator evaluation and professional development tracking tools.

Evaluation Tool New Features

  • Observation Scripting – enables evaluators to capture an objective snapshot of the classroom interactions as evidence when conducting classroom observations/walkthroughs. This scripting question will timestamp each note as it is recorded and allow you to tag each note to your educator rubric. You are able to differentiate between teacher, student, and general observation notes.
  • Event Scheduling – allows you to schedule meetings with other TeachPoint users right within TeachPoint. Use this for planning classroom visits (announced or unannounced) or to schedule teacher/evaluator meetings to discuss goals, share insights and reflections on observations, or discuss summative evaluations. An email summary of the event and a calendar ICS file is sent to event attendees which can be added to all commonly used mobile, web and desktop calendar applications (i.e. Outlook, Google Calendars, Apple Mail).
  • Compare Forms – makes it easy to view two forms side-by-side. The Compare Forms ‘button’ provides a split screen view that allows you to look at a previously completed form for reference on the left while filling out a new (current) form on the right. Educators will find this useful when completing their Goal Form and evaluators will find this helpful when doing Summative evaluations.
  • Google Drive Integration – allows users to upload any evidence or artifact file(s) from their Google Drive or to upload a link to their Google Drive document when the document is “live” and you want it to stay up-to-date in TeachPoint as you make changes throughout the school year.
  • Evidence/Artifact Management – is now made easier in our platform. When you upload a file, the name of author who uploaded the evidence is displayed next to the file name. We recommend users provide a ‘description’ of the evidence/artifact uploaded and this description is now displayed below the file name. Teachers/evaluators now see the file name, who uploaded the file, and the ‘description’ of the evidence for each attachment/uploaded file. Many of our users are creating an Evidence Portfolio Form that includes a question for each Standard/Domain, Student Learning Goal, Professional Practice Goal, and allows both the teacher and evaluator to upload evidence/artifacts to the form throughout the year.
  • Teacher PD Tracking View – now gives evaluators access to all PD activities of their direct reports to assist with coaching conversations.
  • Form Log – has been expanded to now track user access (i.e. created, opened, viewed PDF) for each form along with attachment changes (updated/deleted).

Professional Development New Features

  • Event Quick Messages – enables PD administrators to easily send updates to all event attendees about room or starting time changes or reminders to bring handouts or their computers to the event. PD administrators can also use this feature to notify HR and Finance staff on courses that need their approval.
  • Import PD History – from prior systems when migrating to our PD Tracking Tool. Importing all PD historical data into our platform gives users the ability to view all their PD history in TeachPoint and to include all courses and events in PD Transcripts that can be generated for use as documentation for recertification.
  • Teacher & Evaluator Reports – are available to manage PD activity by professional development categories or educator rubrics. Now teachers and evaluators can generate, view, and export various PD reports

New Features Coming Soon

  • Video Observations – enables teachers to upload a video to a form.  The video observation could be used as a self-reflection, peer evaluation, or evaluator evaluation in lieu of an in-person observation.  Users will be able to tag comments and feedback to their educator rubric to video segments.
  • Event Scheduling – will soon be expanded to allow PD administrators to easily schedule the following types of events:
    • Single event – for an event that occurs one time.
    • Recurring event – can be used for an event that happens on multiple days over time (i.e. school year). For example, this could be used to schedule a Math PLC Meeting that happens each month or for the monthly principal meeting that focuses on a PD activity.
    • Multiple sessions for a single event – can be used if you are offering a single event that has multiple day/time options for attendees to select one option.
  • E-Sign-In – will allow attendees to electronically sign in at PD events, eliminating the need for printed attendee lists and additional administrative overhead.
  • Budget Tracking & Forecasting – will enable teachers and administrators to track teacher budgets for attending out-of-district PD events, with roll up reports by school or district.
  • Licensure Recertification Tracking – allows teachers to monitor their progress toward license recertification credit requirements, with administrative reports to monitor progress across your district.

To learn more about these features or to implement them in your district or school, please reach out to us at

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