Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! TeachPoint thanks all the teachers that make an impact on the lives of their students every day. Teachers work so hard each day with passion and love in shaping our students’ futures. The TeachPoint staff took time today to thank the teachers that impacted their lives.

Chris, President:

thanks my teachers who saw something in me and treated me as someone whose ideas and talents had value. You gave me a vision of someone who I wasn’t yet, but could be, and that made all the difference.

Brigita, Account Executive:

thanks my teachers at St. Rose Academy in San Francisco who helped build the strongest foundation a person could possibly have for their future career and personal endeavors. You fostered independent thought, compassion for others, and respect for the individual.

Gizem, Director of Operations, Support and Training:

thanks my first grade teacher who was so good at making every kid in the classroom feel special. I was one of those lucky kids who felt like I was the only one. You inspired me to follow my dreams and enjoy the journey of learning.

Elena, Support Specialist:

thanks my favorite teacher who lead by example. You did not care about wealth or status and showed us how to treat everyone with respect.

Ben, Support Specialist:

thanks my composition seminar teacher for your enthusiasm and love for composition that pushed me to pursue my own passions and dreams of creating music, which I carry with me every day.

Finally, I myself would like to say:

thanks to my grade school teachers who taught me to strive for the best you can do, learn from your mis-steps, and respect others and their opinions. You shaped my life as a ‘teacher’’ throughout my career.

Share your memories and #ThankATeacher!

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