Introducing Our Blog: Reflections & Insights

This is the beginning of our blog that will share reflections and insights about teacher, principal, and staff evaluations. At TeachPoint we believe in putting the power of the evaluation process in the hands of schools and districts to build and develop a solution that works for them. We provide a platform that allows you to build customized forms, foster a reflective collaborative environment, and use data-driven metrics to identify needs and take action.

The evaluation process in K12 schools and districts has evolved over the past four to five years.  What’s driving the focus?

  • NCLB Act of 2001, Race-to-the-Top initiatives, and state waivers
  • State laws requiring teacher & principal evaluations
  • Drive to increase student achievement
  • Focus on increasing educator effectiveness
  • Parent and community involvement in school performance

It’s our goal to engage a discussion among all parties involved in the evaluation process.

We hope to provide you with valuable insights and reflections on various aspects of educator evaluations to help you excel school or district performance.  Our vision for this blog is to provide a forum for thoughtful dialog on various aspects of automating an evaluation system to the various components of a K12 district or school evaluation system. We’ll reach out to users to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas about their educator performance system in what we are calling “Community Reflections”.

You are welcome to share your feedback to our blog posts to facilitate a dialog of reflections and insights around the educator evaluation process.  If you would like to contribute to our “Community Reflections”, please reach out to me at

Every student deserves a great teacher!


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