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Professional Development Tracking Tool


You can now easily schedule, manage, and track all your school or district professional development activities or events for educators, administrators, and staff (such as administrative assistants, bus drivers, cooks and custodians) in one central location. Our PD Tracking Tool streamlines the communication process for submitting, requesting, and tracking all professional development activities and events between educators or staff and the central office. Easily manage and approve credits, gather feedback from attendees, and auto-generate and distribute certificates of attendance. TeachPoint’s Professional Development (PD) Tracking Tool also enables you to link ongoing professional development with our Evaluation Tool.

Central Office

  • Use a PD Tracking Dashboard to create and manage all PD events and activities in one central location.
  • Easily launch and communicate new in-district/school PD events. Assign to a group such as a team, department or school. Send reminders to attendees.
  • Auto-generate and distribute certificates of attendance.
  • Utilize pre-built event templates or customize to meet your needs.
  • Customize your workflow process from creating PD events to reviewing and approving events to assigning credits.
  • Set event maximum attendee number with waitlist feature that auto-enrolls users when space opens up.
  • Track and assign credit by hours, PDPs, CEU, in-service hours, or graduate credit.
  • Gather feedback from attendees using existing templates or create tailored questionnaires. Then generate a Feedback Summary Report.

Principals & Evaluators

  • Use the PD Tracking Dashboard to manage all your school PD events.
  • Easily create and communicate new PD events for your school.
  • Customize event request to meet your needs by identifying maximum attendees, credits, format, and more.
  • Easily track progress of an event from registration to attendance verification and credit awarding.
  • Gather attendee feedback for your school events and then generate a feedback summary report.
  • Enjoy all the features available to Educators & Staff Members.

Educators & Staff Members

  • Utilize the PD Tracking Dashboard to track all your PD events for credit completion or recertification.
  • View available PD events and simply click to sign up.
  • Access, download, or print certificates of attendance earned on in-district/school training.
  • Complete online request to attend out-of-district/school events or activities.
  • Provide feedback on attended events.
  • Upload certificate of attendance for out-of-district/school events attended to receive credit.
  • Export a PD Transcript for documentation for re-certification.

What Our Users Have To Say

  • Our HR department has been able to achieve more consistency and organization by having TeachPoint software as our tool to communicate and organize our employee development.

    Beth SpamanDirector of Human Resources, Choice Schools (MI)
  • We could not ask for better support. The team always answers our questions in a timely manner. Their instructions are clean and concise. Learning a new tool is a daunting task but with our Support & Training Specialist support, our rollout has been very successful.

    Gail ShattuckManager of Data Reporting, Holyoke Public Schools (MA)
  • TeachPoint is a versatile tool for teachers and administrators. The PD tracking tool offers everything educators need to manage the entire professional development process. Further, the TeachPoint team is always willing to collaborate with us on new ideas and enhancements.

    Julie KeefeCurriculum, Professional Learning & Technology Liaison, Worcester Public Schools (MA)

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