Press Release: TeachPoint Launches Professional Development Tracking Tool

Latest Addition to Online Educator Management System Streamlines Entire Professional Development Process   

TeachPoint, provider of the industry’s most intuitive online educator management system, which includes its revolutionary educator and staff evaluation tool, today announced the launch of its Professional Development (PD) Tracking Tool.  Designed to track, manage and streamline the entire professional development process for schools, the TeachPoint PD Tracking Tool empowers administrators, educators, and staff to manage professional development events and activities. The tool helps educators gain the additional skills needed for career growth, leading to a more impactful learning experience for students.

“TeachPoint is a catalyst for schools and districts to take teacher effectiveness to a higher level, by providing collaborative tools and linking ongoing professional development with the evaluation process,” said Chris Dunn, Founder and CEO of TeachPoint. “The TeachPoint PD Tracking Tool enables administrators to benefit from an automated process that allows them to plan, manage and track participation in professional development events, while fostering increased levels of teacher and staff engagement in professional development activities.”

The TeachPoint PD Tracking Tool is offered in conjunction with the TeachPoint Evaluation Tool, already in use by more than 2,000 schools across the U.S.  Accessible from any device, at any time, the TeachPoint Evaluation Tool simplifies the entire evaluation process, while fostering better evaluator collaboration and providing data-driven metrics to measure educator effectiveness.  With the addition of the PD Tracking Tool to the TeachPoint Educator Management System, all users – from educators, to central office employees, to support staff – are now able to benefit from new features, tailored to meet their unique needs. For example:

  • The school central office can utilize a dashboard to create and manage all events and attendee registration, as well as approve credits from one central location.
  • School principals can easily launch and communicate new in-school professional development events, then auto-generate and distribute certificates of attendance.
  • Educators and staff can easily view and sign up for available professional development events and request to attend events outside of their district/school.
  • The central office can gather attendee feedback using pre-built templates or by creating tailored questionnaires.
  • Educators and staff can utilize a dashboard to track all their professional development credits required for recertification.

“At Webster Public Schools, we had a vision to link professional development to the evaluation process and spoke with TeachPoint about our needs in this area,” said Andrew Kelley, Webster Public Schools Director of Curriculum and Instruction. “TeachPoint delivered on our request and now we have a centralized process to manage professional development and automate activities such as certificate generation. Further, the tool aids in a teacher’s ability to achieve Exemplary status, an often hard-to-obtain rating in Massachusetts, since teachers can leverage the tool to host their own PD events – and teach their peers.”

TeachPoint PR Contact:
Jennifer Meyer

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