Customized Reports to Drive Decisions

Giving You the Power to Generate Reports to Meet Your Needs

As school and district leaders, you need customized reports with the right data to make decisions to:

  • Assess teacher and staff effectiveness.
  • Identify needs and opportunities for professional development.
  • Manage the evaluation process and ensure compliance.

We've listened to our customers and have given you the power determine what data you want to include in your customized reports. Explore the report examples below.

  • Observation Reports

    • Identify total minutes and number of observations by each evaluee.
    • Gather summary of data collected on observations for an employee or a group of employees.
    • Identify needs and opportunities for coaching and professional development.
    • Utilize advanced filters to further customize report results by subject, school, or team.

Report on the total number of minutes spent on classroom observations for each teacher.
Review a summary of ratings by tag on your teacher evaluation reports.
  • Performance Reports

    • Determine trends, PD needs, or school and district performance from summative evaluations.
    • Identify evaluee performance comparison with average by rubric.
    • Report options include a high­-level graphical representation by count and percentage.
    • Customize all reports with advanced filters to include school, date range, subject, professional status, or department.
    • Export all reports to .xls or .csv file format.

  • PD Tracking Reports

    • View total hours of professional development for the entire school or district.
    • Identify professional development activity for one or all employees.
    • Generate summary report for all users of total events attended, hours, PDPs, and more.
    • Easily see PD attendance for each of your PD catalog categories or evaluation rubric.

Track teacher's PD by hours, CEUs, PDPs, or credits.
View total hours of professional development for the entire school or district.
  • Progress Reports

    • Manage compliance with Forms Submitted By Due Date report.
    • Use advanced filters such as school or professional status to customize report data.
    • Include multiple forms with the same due date in one report.
    • Export to .csv or .xls file format for use in other applications or for further manipulation.

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"Each week I share the Observations by Evaluator report with my principals and assistant principals to help them stay on track with observations. The TeachPoint reports deliver data and insights to help us focus on inclusive practices, which is part of our district improvement plan."

Joe Curtis

Deputy Superintendent
Pittsfield Public Schools, MA

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