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Success Story: Worcester Public Schools Improve Educator Success with Online Evaluations & PD Tracking

November 9, 2016

The Worcester Public School System is the third largest school system in Massachusetts, with many of the schools and teachers receiving awards on a regional and national scale. In an effort to maintain its level of excellence, Worcester Public Schools sought to migrate from a paper-based system to an online educator evaluation platform. Committed to ensuring optimal performance levels, the Worcester school administration placed a focus on implementing a streamlined teacher evaluation platform that also incorporated professional development tracking.

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Success Story: Choice Schools Create Impactful Learning Environment through Streamlined Staff Evaluations

October 3, 2016

Choice Schools Associates (CSA) is a full-service charter school management company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As the management company for 12 charter schools throughout the state, CSA provides a full range of customized, hands-on services specific to school operations in areas such as human resources, accounting, payroll, marketing, teacher training and more. Working directly with the Board of every school to serve their particular goals and objectives, CSA’s overarching mission is to empower every child with the knowledge, skills, character, and work ethic to achieve their American dream.

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Success Story: Enabling Cambridge Public Schools to Succeed with Online Evaluations

June 16, 2015

Cambridge Public Schools (CPS) is a diverse urban school district committed to academic excellence and social justice for all students. With teacher effectiveness being the top priority in ensuring that over 6,500 students are receiving the best in education, the district decided to migrate from a paper-based teacher evaluation system to an online teacher evaluation platform.

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Success Story: Enabling the Somerville School District to Achieve Educator Effectiveness

April 14, 2015

Somerville Public Schools (NJ) is a high-performing school district that serves over 2,500 students and 250 teachers. They take pride in maintaining optimal performance and using a continuous process to improve teacher effectiveness through teacher evaluations.

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