5 Criteria to Use When Moving to an Online Evaluation System

What criteria should I use when reviewing various products as we move from a paper to an online teacher/principal evaluation system? What advice would colleagues who have already implemented an online system share with me? These are great questions that administrators have asked us as they consider an online educator evaluation platform.  So we decided to survey our users for their insights.

Survey Results From Users

TeachPoint conducted a survey of over 40K users for their advice on what criteria districts and schools should consider when automating their teacher/principal evaluation system.  The survey results identified 5 Top criteria that should probably be on your list as you review various online platform products.  Here are the results in order of priority along with some common questions.

  1. Data Security ­- How secure is my data?  What privacy options exist so only teachers and their evaluators see their forms and data?  What type of security exists using mobile devices?
  2. Customization ­- We have unique forms—can you build them in your platform?  Can your platform allow for our unique workflow process such as multiple signatures on forms?
  3. Ease of Use ­- How intuitive and easy to use is your platform? How much training is needed to learn your product? What ongoing training do you provide?
  4. Compliance ­- How will I know that all evaluators will have completed their first classroom observation by our due date (November 1)?  How can I easily manage that everyone is completing all forms on time and that all e-signatures have been recorded?
  5. Data­-Driven Dashboards & Reports ­- Do you have a Dashboard that helps me manage the evaluation process by knowing what items are overdue or what is upcoming? What type of customized reports can be generated to measure educator effectiveness and identify PD opportunities?

These criteria along with your unique district and school criteria will guide you through the evaluation process as you select an online evaluation platform that works for YOU.

Next Steps

To see how the TeachPoint online & mobile evaluation platform performs for these five criteria, please reach out to us at info@goteachpoint.com.  And look for a blog post on each of these criteria to follow that will include additional insights from our users.

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